Two factors lead to the success or failure of a business: audience and revenue.
Our three-step system increases both by bringing clarity to your story, translating your skills into highly valuable content, and monetizing that content for current and future use.

Your expertise and industry knowledge is incomparable, but impactful content takes time that bold entrepreneurs like yourself simply don’t have.

Let us make your story one that people devour. We’ll show off your knowledge and voice to establish you as the authority in your field. We’ll give you everything you need to define your narrative and use it to push the boundaries of your industry.

Put simply: whatever you need to tell your story; this team of Misfits has it covered.



Our team uses your know-how as a starting point for long-term content and product development strategies. We’re looking at the long-game: developing a polished narrative that you can weave through future products and innovations.


Do you know you’ve got something to say, but you’re not sure how to say it? We have services for that, too. We’ll work with you to develop your brand narrative, online courses, workshops, webinars, and anything else that will make your business a movement.


Everyone has a story that’s waiting to be told and our creative geniuses will help you tell it. Whether you choose to tell your story with our done-for-you book publishing services or through an incredible event that people will be talking about forever, we’ll make it happen.


“Build authority, establish your expertise, and make your story heard.
Book a call to learn which service is right for your business.”